Sparring sessions are the perfect time to bring all of your hard worked technique into live application.  When we spar, we have the opportunity to bring all of the martial arts together.   Students learn how to size up their opponents and determine which techniques to use, depending on the situation.  This is a great opportunity to learn to think on your feet, and to test the skills you’re learning in all of your martial arts classes.  Even if you are just getting started in martial arts, live sparring sessions are the best way for you to learn to execute your technique quickly.  Fearless MMA instructors will always make sure opponents are fairly matched against each other.  We are very aware of our students' skill and comfort levels, and we make sure you are safe and comfortable when sparring.  At Fearless MMA, we are family!  We never throw our students into situations they aren’t ready for, and our more experienced competitors are always willing to work with newer students, and help them learn the ropes.  


Angelina Sparring
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